Playing @ Young IFA 2019

This Saturday on September 7th I’m going to play at this years Young IFA at the booth of WAVE AKADEMIE für Digitale Medien in hall 15.2. You can hear me from 12:30 till around 3:30 pm and from 5 till 6 pm.

Here is an article from the famous German BEAT magazine.

Between September 6th and 11th there will be also:

  • Mijk van Dijk (Microglobes)
  • Mia Mattiolo (131)
  • Zusan
  • Tim Sean Lee (Into Deep Berlin)
  • Ones (Bipolar)
  • Natalia Bobrich (Hot Suprise)
  • Hei_project /hēiː/
  • IchbinsLudo (kingsclub)
  • Nigur Oza (hakasystm)
  • Sol Tight
  • Peter C. Krell (suct)
  • Shazy (Brigit und Bier)

I hope to see you there!

PETDuo presents Hard Education Berlin Edition



SAVE THE DATE: 08.06.19

Advanced Tickets Available: 10,00 euros for limited time

Launched in 2015 Hard Education is an extension of PETDuo’s own vision about Hard and Underground Electronic Dance Music.

For the 5th year of Hard Education, it was time for some re-thinking, refreshing and updates to bring this concept to its next level.
And to present you and celebrate this new cycle we will have a massive event in our Hometown, Berlin on 06.08

Hard Techno Floor by Cause Records

Leigh Johnson – GER
Wanja Tekk Freakz – GER
SlugoS – SPAIN
Zak McCoy – GER
Charlotte Vogel – GER

Anne PETDuo & David PETDuo – BR


Bass To Pain Converter – AUSTRALIA
Robot One – GER
Sarah Strandberg – USA
Zachary M – GER
She Said Yes (Debut Set) – BR

Place: VOID Berlin
Wiesenweg 5-9,
10365 – Berlin

From 23:00 until late

Supported by

PETDuo, Cause Records, Hard Education, PHONK, Raw Nuts, Simon Says Bookings, Tekk Freakz, We Love Hard Techno

Advanced Tickets Available: 10,00 euros for limited time

23.6.18: ROOTS – Back to Techno! | VOID Berlin

Facebook Event | Resident Advisor

Techno wie früher!

In den 90ern war es egal woher man kommt, wie man ausgesehen oder wie scheisse man getanzt hat. Man war einfach frei!
Das wollen wir mit dieser Party wieder aufleben lassen, denn wer heute nicht der Norm entspricht kommt meist gar nicht mehr in die Clubs hinein. Das darf und muss nicht sein!
Also zieht euch so richtig schön Oldskool an, sucht eure ältesten & freakigsten Sachen aus dem Schrank, ganz egal, hauptsache bunt!

Deshalb sind Knicklichter, Gasmasken, Staubmasken, Warnwesten, Schlaghosen, Plateauschuhe, Nebel, Techno und Strobolicht unser Motto!

Styles: Techno / Tech House / Minimal

-Vinyl only- Floor
💿 Resistohr
💿 Zachary M
💿 Dj CVT
💿 Robot One

-Digital only- Floor
💽 Bass To Pain Converter
💽 Mario Worgall
💽 Montazar

-Timetable Vinyl Floor-
23:00 Robot.One
01:00 Zachary M
03:00 Resistohr
05:00 DJ Cvt

-Timetable Digital Floor-
23:00 Mario Worgall
01:00 Montazar
03:00 PABLO..
05:00 Bass to Pain Converter

Location: VOID Club
Wiesenweg 5-9 | 10365Berlin
S+U Frankfurter Allee / S Ostkreuz

No minors – please bring your ID!