Mix online: „Freitag der 13. | Raw Nuts Night #2 @ VOID Berlin“

Thanks to all party people at VOID Berlin.I really enjoyed playing for you. Thanks for the great feedback. Now you can enjoy the recording. Almost two and a half hours of pure Techno.

We March Forward, Techno Mix 20.5.18

A new mix set for you, humans. https://soundcloud.com/robot-one/we-march-forward-techno-mix-20052018

Bionic Pleasures Mix

A new mix is online. Download it now, human! https://hearthis.at/robot-one-zv/bionic-pleasures-mix-23102017/ https://soundcloud.com/robot-one/bionic-pleasures-mix-23102017

Option Is Loudness Mix

Enjoy my new DJ mix, humans. https://hearthis.at/robot-one-zv/robot-one-option-is-loudness-mix-06102017/ https://soundcloud.com/robot-one/option-is-loudness-mix-06102017